Hong Kong VA Galleries

Hong Kong VA Galleries

Established in Hong Kong, VA Galleries  has expertise in operating contemporary arts and artists from China, France, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary and Japan. VA Galleries is the agent for a number of contemporary well-known artists such as Thierry Pertuisot, Antonio Wehrli, Gajdán Zsuzsa, Gaël de Kerguenec, Vera Korshunova, Gerardo Lo Russo. It also distributes works by artists including Murakami Takashi. it deals with the masterpieces of world-renowned artists including Pablo Picasso, Murakami Takashi,Andy Warhol, László Erdész, Attila Konnyu, Antal Molnár, Tóth György, Victor Vasarely and the like.

Its first gallery in southwest of China was unveiled in Chongqing's JW Marriott Hotel in 2011.

Apart from serving art lovers and private collectors, VA Galleries also provides systematic collection services for such important institutions as museums, foundations, multinational corporations and luxury hotels, assisting them in clarifying collection contexts and establishing collection systems to achieve art asset allocation between private collectors and public institutions.

In its dedication to charity, it conducts cooperation with such non-profit organizations as SEE Foundation, ONE Foundation, International Women's Group and Lions Clubs International in the fields of environmental protection, and assistance for stay-at-home children and children with autism by its core team and artists in a vigorous way.

Ongoing projects include [POP ARTS GALLERY] and [West to East: The Dreamland China]Artist recommendation projects, and the urban public space art gallery project.

The company established several galleries and offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing and Chengdu.

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