Gaël de Kerguenec

Gaël de Kerguenec is a French painter. He lives in France an in China mostly in Paris, Chongqing and Chengdu where a museum with his name will open. He learned 10 years the Traditional Chinese ink painting by observing and communicating with Chinese famous Masters but never he got influenced about the topics and the technics. Always free of all influences, he develops his own technics, his own esthetics and his own abstract themes. 

Gael’s background is quite unusual, tight with a strong feeling of freedom. Coming from a PhD in Linguistics, he taught in the very prestigious Paris Sorbonne University. Besides his linguistics Majoring he got 3 Master degrees in Computer Science and Computational Linguistics and worked as an Engineer for Lucent Technologies in New Jersey’s Bell Labs. In 2005, the passion of languages brought him to China where he became Director of Alliance Française in Dalian as a French Diplomat for the French Foreign Office on charge of the whole region of North East for French language trainee School and French Cultural Center. As a link between Occidental and Oriental Cultures his contact with both sides artists he became himself an artist, starting the fourth step of his amazing land eclectic life. Since 2012 he is also the CEO of his Sichuan Company Oukaida and President of the Artistic exchange Association Acadart based in Paris. His lightning artist’s career lead him to have many exhibition all across China but also in Europe, Swiss and France and he has now his personal Museum which is unique in China.

About his Art, Gaël de Kerguenec has pushed to the extreme techniques of ink dilution and brush manipulation to approach completely unexplored and unique techniques. 

In 2016 and 2017, Gael explored some new way to paint, with some secret technics of his own. For example, some paintings have been painted in fusion with the nature like the wind and the rain.

Philosophically, his art follows an approach related to the evolution of man in the world, the individual and his balance Yin Yang, his painting explored relationships with others, relationship to beliefs and then production consumption society. In Chinese philosophy and history, this is reflected in the currents of thought: Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism and the tendencies of society towards materialism. These periods are respectively entitled: Purity, Complexity, Colors and Smog. To simplify understanding, we can see in Purity a binary Yin Yang relationship between the black ink and the whiteness of the paper in a very refined relationship created by the transparency of water. 

Complexity multiplies and interweaves these elements in an overall movement filled with details to the hints of arabesques. The Color arrives as an intrusion into this equilibrium of black and white, giving a new dimension and finally, the Smog obscures the whole paper where previously established forms can be perceived behind, felt or even imagined in these gray mists obtained by complex mixtures of ink.

Finally, independently of this philosophical journey, Gaël de Kerguenec created a Latin calligraphy inspired by Arabic and Cursive Chinese calligraphy. His unique and original French Calligraphy mixes dancing letters sometimes to the limit of the decipherable, a permanent creation of Letters distorted, stretched, staged in elements reminiscent of their meaning. The calligraphic texts are generally original poems of the artist. The pictorial environment can be linked to his different philosophical periods.

The paintings signature is associated with the Chines seal “LE“ (happiness) which is the Chinese name of Gael and the wax seal representing the heraldic armorial of his aristocratic family.

Aristocrat from one of the oldest noble family in France, Gael le Chauff de Kerguenec always associate his signature to his family (Le Chauff de Kerguenec) seal witnessing more than one thousand years of history contained in his armorial bearings. 

Exhibitions and rewards

2017: Chengdu, Gael de Kerguenec’s Personal Museum opening (Agreement signed 2016/06 with Polus International College)
2017-March: Luodai International Blossom Festival: Exhibition with Swiss and Chinese artists
2017-March: Chengdu International Blossom Festival: Exhibition with Swiss and Chinese artists
2017-February: Chongqing Rotary Charity: Exhibition and Auction for blind kids school
2016-2017: Charity Art class for Blind Children: Creation and teaching by Gael’s own method
2016-December: Chongqing Tiandi, personal exhibition (U Points
2016-November: Contemporary Art Fair Swiss MAG Montreux (Switzerland) 
2016-September: Personal exhibition in « Rise the Autumn », auction and events in September and October in partnership with Brise Gallery
2016-June: Member of Chongqing Art Society (first foreign member)
2016-May: Charity Auction sales in partnership with Huiling (Chongqing)
2016-March: Personal Exhibition at Chengdu Polus International College
2015-June: Exhibition Acadart at Dalian Municipal Library “Acadart: Freedom Art Creation”
2014-October: Exhibition and onstage painting show at Sichuan International Studies University
2014-September: Exhibition at Weifang Museum of Modern Art (Shandong Province)
2014 Creation of Acadart Association of French and Chinese artists
2013-June: Exhibition at Dalian Art Museum
2012-December: Exhibition and onstage painting show at Dalian High School of Fine Arts
2012-April-May: Weifang Guangfeng Museum