Managing Team

Vincent L.J. DENG

Executive President of VA Galleries

Trustee of Development Council, Today Art Museum

Vice-Chairman of Sino-Italy (International) Stone Research Center

As a well-known curator, Mr. Deng is dedicated to the exploitation and development of the contemporary European art market in China; by actively promoting the symbiotic development of new media of art exhibition and Internet platforms, he has gained a certain knowledge of contemporary art, family collections, institutional and corporate collections, and the sustainable development of the cultural attributes of commercial institutions. Starting from 2008, he was mainly engaged in the exhibition industry, seeing to the planning, designing and management of museum exhibition halls. In 2008, he participated in the 2008 Olympic special project - Cai Guoqiang’s solo exhibition “I Want to Believe”, and got down to the designing and constructing of the Shanghai EXPO in 2009, responsible for the coordination of a dozen of exhibition hall projects.

Mr. Deng has served in a number of media& institutions and has taken up key positions in many a spectacular cultural and art events. In 2009, he joined VINCE Creative Industry Development Co., Ltd. as Director of board and General Manager of the Asia Pacific, responsible for the company’s corporate culture construction, internal management and external business development. In 2010, he took part in the establishment of Hong Kong VA Galleries, the contemporary art gallery operator, focusing mainly on contemporary artists from China, France, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary and Japan.

In the meanwhile of getting involved in various lectures and forums, Mr. Deng also teaches at Sichuan Fine Arts institute, devoting himself to seeking out young designers and artists, and has served as a curator for many young artists. He enjoys talking over his career progress and management experience with in-industry practitioners from China Business Federation, the Shopping Center Professional Committee and DTZ.

Mr. Deng has made fruitful efforts in the promotion of cooperation and exchanges between China and the international community, taking the lead in numerous events such as:

2011Art·Home Market [Project Director];

2011EMPEINESS VoidThe Origin of Japanese Aesthetics and MUJI[Hosting Planner];

2013 Asia Green Design Week [Project Director];

2013Between ParticlesKengo Kuma China Solo Exhibition [Project Director];

2013Game of WisdomMurakami Takahashi Special Exhibition in China - POP ART GALLERY PROJECT [Curator];

2013 2ndAnniversary of China-UK Art Exchange ExhibitionArt Work Committee [Curator];

2014 Chongqing Hong-Kong Week [Project Director];

2015 Taste China - Connect WorldChina Food and Object Design Exhibition (Milan) [Curator]; 2015 Food is GodOfficial Project of Expo Milano 2015 (Venice) [Curator];

2016 New Outlook of the Porcelain CapitalChina Jingdezhen Contemporary Master Art Tour Exhibition [Curator];

2018Breath Connection-Dreamland ChinaThierry Pertuisot Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong [Curator];

2018Spring in ChongqingGajdán Zsuzsa China Solo Exhibition [Curator];

2018Dreamland China - Chongqing ImageSino-Switzerland Cultural and Art Exchange Project [Curator];

2018 The Unarchivable Italia anni 70 Italian Artists Group Exhibition in Chongqing [Project Director];

2019 The 70th Anniversary of China-Hungary Diplomatic Exchange- Hungarian Contemporary Art Exhibition [Curator];



Director of Project Development , VA Galleries

General Manager, VA Galleries|KWG Art (Chengdu)

Vice-Chairman , Sichuan Tourism Development Research Institute


Mr. Zhang graduated from the Economics Department of Northwest University (bachelor’s degree), with a (master’s) degree in Enterprise Management of the School of Business Administration, Sichuan University. He also once participated in the UN Development Project Investment Training and the ERP Management Training of Tsinghua University. A bearer of Shanghai Stock Exchange’s Board of Director Qualification Certificate, National Certificate of Tour Guide and National Registered Senior Consultant Certificate, he had such books as Tourism Hotel Preparation, and A Village with Angels and Witches published (photographic literature).


Before joining Hong Kong VA Gallery, Zhang had worked in tourism, hospitality and art for more than 30 years, having accumulated rich experience in grand art project development, decision-making consulting for hotel art project and corporate art collection;


Zhang had participated in the establishment of Minshan Hotel affiliated to Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau, with previous posts of [General Manager]of Pan Pacific Hotels Group in Phnom Penh, Singapore; [Vice President] of Sichuan Dikang Industry Holding Group; [Chairman] of *Chengdu People’s Shopping Group Co., Ltd.;[President] of Sichuan Ganhong Land Co., Ltd. and [Director of the Preparatory Office] of Chengdu Marriott Hotel; [Hotel Owner Representative] of Chengdu Wenlv Group - Four Points by Sheraton Anren Hotel; and [Deputy Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer] of Shenzhen Diagreat Hotel & Resort Management Co., Ltd.;


Zhang is passionate for public welfare, youth education and social affair participation, and is currently an adjunct professor at Sichuan University, special lecturer of the Tourism and Hospitality Management Course at Peking University; and senior consultant for Huanxi Wuyan Hotel brand. Previous posts include: member of China Young Entrepreneurs Association; deputy secretary general of Sichuan Young Entrepreneurs Association; member of the Standing Committee of  Sichuan Youth Federation; secretary general of the Economic Constituency Committee; member of the Standing Committee of Chengdu Youth Federation; and vice president of Chengdu Tourism Association.


*Chengdu People’s Shopping Group Co., Ltd. is a listed company.


Novia NING

Director of Exhibition Project, VA Galleries

Previous posts: 2014 Chongqing Hong-Kong Week [Project Coordination]; Solo Exhibition of Giulio Galganio·2014 Autumn in Italy - West to East [Curator]; 2015 Sri Lanka Culture and Art Exhibition [Project Manager]; 2015 “Taste China - Connect World” China Food and Object Design Exhibition (Milan) [Curator]; Official Project of Expo Milano 2015 - “Food is God” Exhibition (Venice) [Project Coordinator]; 2018 “Dreamland China - Chongqing Image” Sino-Switzerland Cultural and Art Exchange Project [Project Coordinator]; 2018 “The Unarchivable Italia anni 70” Italian Artists Group Exhibition in Chongqing [Project Manager]; and the 70th Anniversary of China-Hungary Diplomatic Exchange2019 - Hungarian Contemporary Art Exhibition [Project Coordinator];

Before joining VA Galleries, Mrs. Ning was employed in one of the Fortune 500 companies and Hutchison Whampoa Real Estate, responsible for internal corporate governance, administrative affairs management and assistance in marketing activities. She had also served for Guangzhou Newsday, coordinating Hong Kong and Macao design projects and managing relationship operations of designer communities.

She is also a representative of the long-term training school of the Italian-Chinese Foundation, and a bearer of TEM 8 Certificate, Business English Certificate and International Senior Etiquette Training Certificate.