Gerardo lo Russo

Gerardo Lo Russo

- Director Academy Belle Arti of Rome
- Member of the Committee olimpic Belle Arti 2008
- Honorary member of Academy of Russia
- President of the Academy Belle Arti “Villa dei Romani”

Gerardo Lo Russo, graduated from the sculpture department of the FAZZINI Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.  He began his work in 1963 and his works were exhibited in Rome, Paris and Zurich.  In 1972, his prints and sculptures were so outstanding that he won four solo exhibitions in Rome, Florence and Venice, and galleries in Geneva.  In 1975, he founded the first private print school in Italy, specializing in the research and dissemination of printmaking, and at the time, including Paul Picasso's dozens of internationally renowned artists, to create prints for artists.  His school became a sacred place for the creation of nearly 400 artists' prints between 1975 and 1984.  During this period, many universities in the United States invited him to do lectures at the Academy of Fine Arts. He has published many books related to printmaking and is a famous print artist in Italy.  His works are imaginative, imaginative, and individualized artistic language, forming interaction and communication with the audience.  His copperplate paintings were held at the National Gallery of Italy, where he served as Dean of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and won the National Medals of Italy, France and Russia.

1968/69 - Published "Cosùs" comics in the semi-monthly magazine ACI

1969/ 72 - He is responsible for printmaking at Antonia Art Studio and 2RC Print Studio

1973/ 75 - Artistic director at the publishing house "La Targa"

 1975/ 84 - Creation of print and graphic design school in Rome, Via del ForoPiscario, 36

1978 - President of AIGA - Graphic Design Artists Association

1979 - He began his career as a professor of printmaking at the Catanzaro Academy of Fine Arts.

1982/ 83 - Member of the Special Courses Affinity Committee - M.P.I.

1980/ 84 - Artistic Director of the magazine "Another" in the monthly magazine of Rome

1984/ 89 - He founded the Saint-Michel Graphic Institute

1989/ 93 -He is the director of the Montecelio Institute of Art

2004/ 06 member of the Council of the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome

2007 – Director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome

2008 - Beijing “Olympic Art and Art Committee” judges

2010/13 Director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome

2011 – Azerbaijan attends the Baku Peace International Conference and won a special contribution award

2011 - Special guest at the Romonov Conference on Art and Science in Moscow

2011- St. Petersburg: Appointed as Honorary Fellow of the Russian Academy

2013 – Special guest of the 60th anniversary of the China Academy of Art in Guangzhou

2015 – Founded Villa Dei Romani Academy of Fine Arts

Gerardo Lo Russo was born in 1948 and graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

From 1963 to 1972, he studied, traveled and conducted art studies in Rome, Paris and Zurich, and produced prints for famous artists such as Picasso and Miro.

From 1963 to 1972 he exhibited sculptures and prints in Rome, Geneva, Florence and Venice.

 He is a partner in the Roman art printmaking studio “La Targa” (1974).  In 1975, he opened a printmaking school of the same name in Rome.

From 1975 to 1984, he created about 400 prints, which were collected by public art institutions and private collectors.

He teaches printmaking and graphic design at the American University of Trinity College and the French Cultural Center.  The art school he founded has become an important platform for international cultural exchange.  During his tenure as chairman of AIGA, he opened up cultural dialogues between ancient and modern times and held important exhibitions several times.  Through AIGA, he has organized a number of cultural promotion activities jointly with the Rome Municipal Government and the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.  In 1980, he began to work on art education and successively carried out art education courses in different urban cultural centers in Italy.  In 1984, he founded a graphic design school that promoted research from traditional printmaking techniques to computers and actively collaborated with artists in graphic design and communication.  In 1989, under his efforts, the Montecelio Institute of Art was established. Academic committee members include the famous art critic Argan, Cristini, Massironi, Pistone, Salvi, Strazza, Velly, etc. The Montecelio Institute is the first public art study in Italy.  Media Communication School and a number of art studies with the famous artist Umberto Eco.

 In 1990, his novel "The Poor Houses of Ancient Rome" was published; in 1996, "The Signs of the Times" was published.

 On behalf of the Lazio region, he and Mongelli achieved the “Focus on Art” project; in the “Open-air Museum” of Decima Castle, a lime sculpture with Capotondi was displayed, along with related art studies courses.  In 2009, the short story collection "Egyptian Rose" was published.

 In 2007, he became the dean of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.  2015 - He founded the Villa Dei Romani Academy of Fine Arts.