[Jiu Zhai Gou Image] Antonio Wehrli Solo Exhibition Opened Successfully

The Swiss Consulate-General in Chengdu and the Hong Kong VA Galleries honorably presented the 2019 Sino-Swiss Cultural and Art Exchange Project-the Swiss Contemporary Artist Antonio Wehrli Solo Exhibition [Jiu Zhai Gou Image], which was curated by Mr. Vincent L.J. DENG and strongly supported by KWG Group and Chengdu Ufun Shopping Mall.

On June 17, 2019, the exhibition officially opened at the VA Galleries||KWG Uart Space, 4F, Chengdu Ufun Shopping Mall,  featuring the gravitational series "Jiu Zhai Gou Image" byAntonio Wehrli, a well-known Swiss artist, and the gravitational series "Switzerland Image", as well as the lotus, panda and many other landmarks created by Antonio in China in recent years. Frank Eggmann, Consul General of Switzerland in Chengdu, Vincent L.J. DENG, Executive President of Hong Kong VA Galleries, Antonio Wehrli, a well-known Swiss artist and Lion ZHENG, Director of Project Development of Hong Kong VA Galleries,Paul Sives, Chairman of the Southwest Branch of the European Chamber of Commerce of China, Chen Yanwei, founder of the brand "Happy Inn". Chi Ajuan, a well-known photographer, Thomas Briere, General Manager of Chengdu W Hotel, Francois GALANO, Director of Chengdu-French Culture Center, Wang Muzhi, and other more than 100 guests attended the opening reception.

Honour Guests:

 Frank Eggmann, Consul General of Switzerland in Chengdu;

Vincent L.J. DENG, Executive President of Hong Kong VA Galleries;

 Antonio Wehrli, a well-known Swiss artist:

Lion ZHENG, Director of Project Development of Hong Kong VA Galleries

Exhibition on Site.

Jiu Zhai Gou Image

Contemporary experiences bring ancient stories to mind. During the Tang Dynasty, Master Jianzhen’s eastward journey to Japan and Master Xuanzang’s journey to the West are two iconic events of cultural and religious significance in China. For contemporary Swiss artist Antonio Wehrli, his journeys are testament to the clashes between his experiences in China and the aesthetic values he espouses. This artistically mediated movements, which can be understood in both physical and spiritual terms, engendered a series of contemporary artworks by Swiss artist on Chinese soil.


Antonio Wehrli is a landscape painter who is known for using metaphors of opposite natures in his works. Having received institutional art education in Switzerland, he took the dialectical leap – and gain professional fame in the process – as he created works and exhibited them all over the world. Full of imagination about his new destination, the professional artist traveled to China with his paintbrushes. Immersed in Chinese language, culture, and everyday life, Antonio went through clashes and insights, acceptance and denial, confusion and rediscovery. These complex and often conflicting state of mind, he painted a dream-like China that we have never seen before.  


Upon his return to his native Europe, his works offer himself, his patrons, fans, and followers, and even the Chinese people among whom he lived and worked with, a novel understanding of China that exists between imagination and reality, and between the West and the East. He saves the feedback to his artworks, some for himself, some for China.


Vincent L.J. Deng, Executive President of Hong Kong VA Galleries

[九寨沟印象] 安东尼奥.威利2019成都个展

[Jiu Zhai Gou Image]Antonio Wehrli 2019 Chengdu Solo Exhibition


Sino-Swiss Cultural Arts ExchangeProject

艺术家|Artist:安东尼奥.威利Antonio Wehrli策展人|Curator邓良軍  Vincent L.J.DENG

展览时间|ExhibitionDuration:18th June 2019 to 10th July 2019

展览地点|Exhibition Venue:VA Galleries|KWG Uart Space维岸画廊|合景艺述

主办单位| Organizers:

The Consulate General of Switzerland瑞士驻成都总领事馆

VA Galleries‖KWG Uart Space维岸画廊合景艺述

协办单位| Co-organizer:

KWG Group合景泰富集团

Hong Kong VA Ga;lleries 香港维岸画廊