Product Name: Breath Connection|Dreamland China | Thierry PERTUISOT Hong Kong Solo Exhibition

Product description: Thierry PERTUISOT Hong Kong Solo Exhibition

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[氣息相連|中國意境] 傑裡.佩提索香港個人展

Breath Connection|Dreamland China | Thierry PERTUISOT  Hong Kong Solo Exhibition

展覽時間|Exhibition Time:二零一八年廿四日至二月  24th Jan to 4th Feb, 2018

展覽地點|Exhibition Venue: 香港大學訪客中心畫廊Gallery, Visitor Centre of The University of Hong Kong (HKU)

法國國際美食協會 VIP 藝術導覽酒會| Chaine Des Rotisseurs  VIP Opening Reception

仅限法国国际美食协会会员及或邀人士出席Chaine Member and Invitation Only

二零一八年一月廿日下午六點6:00 PM, 23rd Jan, 2018

地點|Venue:香港麗思卡爾頓酒店 The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

展覽開幕酒會及媒體導賞|Opening Reception& Media Tour:

二零一八年一月廿日下午五時三十分5:30 PM, 24th  Jan, 2018

R.S.V.P. Mrs Penny PENG, Director of Gallery Affairs,, +852 68422217

藝術家及嘉賓導賞|Artist& VIP  Reception:

二零一八年一月廿日下午兩時至五時2:00-5:00 PM, 28th  Jan, 2018

R.S.V.P. Penny PENG, Director of Gallery Affairs,, +852 68422217

藝術家|Artist: 傑裡.佩提索Thierry PERTUISOT

策展人|Curator鄧良軍 Vincent L.J. DENG

項目總監|Project Director文雅 Sylvie WEN

畫廊總監|Galleries Director: 彭藝Penny PENG

特別致謝|Special ThanksMr.Steven Charles KAHNMr.  Eric BERTI;


香港維岸畫廊 Hong Kong VA Galleries

法國國際美食協會香港分會Chaine Des Rotisseurs in Hong KONG


法國駐港澳總領事館Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau

香港大學訪客中心Visitor Centre of The University of Hong Kong (HKU)

法國麗固LEGLE Porcelaine France







鄧良軍,香港維岸畫廊 主理人,今日美術館發展理事

Breath Connection |Dreamland China

Master Jianzhen’s eastward Journey to Japan and Master Xuanzang’s Journey to the West are two iconic events of evangelism in China. [West to East]program, on the other hand, is to record the conflict between western artists’ experiences in China and their artistic experience and values, engendering a work of contemporary art taking place in China.

The French artist Thierry PERTUISOT received comprehensive and systematic education of arts.He has confirmed their values by producing successful works and gaining fame as professional artists. Thierry started his journey to the east with his unique conceptions and expectations about China. Carrying the brush of classic western arts, he lived in China, and its cultural context. Clashes and resistance, approval and denial, confusion and faith, these are the elements that build up a brand-new China, as though in a dream.

His return to the west, then, provided him a chance to expose their understanding of China to the society where he has lived and prospered. He received all sorts of judgments, some for himself, some for China.

Vincent L.J. DENG, Managing Director of Hong Kong VA Galleries